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Layered Pendant Necklace

Layered Pendant Necklace

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- 4 layered paperclip chain necklaces
- Coin medallion necklace
- Round pendant charm
- Matching stud earrings
- Trendy necklace
- Any season
- Any outfit
- Statement necklace

  • Style: casual

Material Composition: - Metal hardware

SHIPPING TIMETABLES: We ship from the US as well as Overseas locations.  Multiple pieces may arrive from multiple locations in separate shipments.  Shipments from the US average 7-10 days after processing order and shipments from Overseas average 10-20 days after processing.  You can search for products that only ship from US or products shipping from Overseas at the top of the menu bar: "Ships from the US" or "Ships from Overseas"

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